Fontaine + Ashcroft Interviews with Clint Roscoe

image Lita Fontaine – The Pagan 1996 – Courtesy of the Winnipeg Art Gallery

A few days ago I was asked to do an interview with a young art student. It isn’t for the press or a media institution, it’s just something that he likes to do. Interview people. He’s a curious guy and this is his jam. He digs it, there’s no angle and to me that’s a good enough reason. On occasion I get these requests and I try to always oblige. Not that I feel I have sage words of advice or wisdom to impart, but often because it forces me to really sit and think about what I am doing as an artist and why. It’s really an opportunity that forces me to step back and look at what I’m doing and where that ever evolving path of creativity is taking me.

Clint did a two part interview. His other subject is Lita Fontaine. Yes, THE Lita Fontaine. Lita is an interdisciplinary artist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Often, her work explores the role of women in traditional and contemporary Indigenous society. She describes herself as tri-cultural: Lakota, Anishinabe and Metis. Her work is everywhere. She is an extraordinary artist and human being who’s work really speaks to me.

I am quite honoured to share a screen with Lita. Miigwetch Clint Roscoe for putting this together.

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