Vagina Poetry Art by Arlea Ashcroft 

Vagina Poetry Art by Arlea Ashcroft. It’s a film credit I received.

It’s a real thing. It’s the best damn film credit I’ve ever had. Something to be proud of, write home about, share with the friends and family, be remembered for. It’s fuckin hilarious and I LOVE it.

My buddy/dear friend/ the original love you, miss you, mean it girl,  Johanna Stein, has a comedy show on the CW Seed called JO JO HEAD. She’s shot a shitload of episodes, the above screen grab is from the episode SMILES I DIDN’T MEAN. You can watch the entire episode as well as more of her comedy hilarity here on CW SEED ORIGINALS

When you watch it look closely at the flyer being handed out for the vagina poet. Pause it and turn your phone upside down, or stand on your head and you’ll see my arts. A woman with a shark coming out of her vagina. It’s literally a flashing second of screen time. Not featured, not a closeup, no insert shot, just barely there hanging on the edge of screen. One of my proudest moments ever.

Most of my work these days revolves around women’s and Indigenous issues, otherwise known as, human issues, such as land sovereignty, water rights, MMIW, Treaties and territories of my Indigenous brothers and sisters, and women as kick ass forces of nature. Or I tackle mental health issues involving depression, suicide and grief, which often leads me into or out of my own deep dark places.

I’ve known Jo for, egad, over 20 years. We go way back to a land before cell phones and internet, carrier pigeons still existed. We were in a comedy troupe together. We’ve tossed rubber boobs at each other across dining room tables, Two Princes was our road trip theme song (not proud of that) and we’ve danced together as synchronized swimming tampons.

My work these days is often heavy and dark, searching for the light, which has it’s own truth and beauty, but it’s not ‘fun’. So when Johanna asked if I would let her put my work in her series, I said, ‘Fuck yeah! Absofuckinlutely” (And since we are pros here, we did it by the book legit contract/release and everything all y’all). I love that my buddy included me in her awesome fuckin success. I love that we are still each other’s supporters. I love that she reminds me that laughter is the best medicine. I love that she reminds me I can balance sociopolitical work with humour and light. So thank you Hoj for the best damn film credit ever!!

Vagina Poetry Art by Arlea Ashcroft

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