Native Lives Manner

I’m very honoured to say that the folks from Native Lives Matter in Minnesota USA have contacted me to request permission to use the above piece of my artwork for their upcoming memorial campaign.

“We are doing a red ribbon memorial campaign for MMIW  Our campaign will consist of hanging ribbons on local bridges during valentine week and will be in conjunction with our annual women’s memorial march we have each year in Minnesota”

Of course I replied with a resounding yes. The fact that we are able to unite across borders for such important work, particularly in this new political atmosphere, gives me hope.  Knowing that we are all standing together, moccs on the ground, demanding to have our voices heard gives me hope.

Through advocacy and activism, we promote healing and empower people to push for social change. Art has power. We have power. We have hope.
If you’d like to know more, please see the Native Lives Matter blog for more information on the upcoming 3rd Annual Women’s Memorial March & Twin Cities Solidarity for MMIW.

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