Published in Prairie Fire magazine

The new issue of prairie fire magazine focuses on women attaining the vote 100 years ago in Manitoba. I was asked to submit a piece of artwork. 

I pondered for a while lit candles, incense put on some Concrete Blonde and Tanya Tagaq and let my mind go. The first image that came to me was this one. She’s watercolour ink and Copic marker on paper. 14″ x17″.

I sent in the piece and then was asked to write about it. Hmmm I don’t often write about my work. I was thinking about women’s rights and all that has transpired in the past 100 years. I ended up composing a rant. A rant about Freeing Our Nipples. It’s a page long it’s literary it’s published. It’s kind of a bummer the image isn’t in colour. But fuck it. Here’s a pic of the piece for you to peruse. 

You can pick up a copy of the magazine at McNally Robinson and other booksellers. 


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